Fine Arts

Keystone Christian Fine Arts


Our students, 3rd through 12th grades, have the opportunity to compete with over 20 other Christian schools in an array of categories in the Virginia regional and state levels as well as the national level in Greenville, SC for the senior high.

Students enhance or develop new skills in the areas of art, Bible teaching, preaching, music, speech, and academics.  The competitions are an exciting time for our students to support and encourage one another.  In a day and age where everyone receives a trophy, we use this time to teach students how to be gracious winners and how to take criticism and the competing experience to develop godly character.  Our philosophy is to do right to the glory of God whether we feel like it or not. 

Many of our past students have shared with us how grateful they are for the opportunity they had to compete.  Some would have never picked up a paint brush and discover their love of art, some realize they are great public speakers, and others find that they can be part of the church ministry by teaching children’s church or a Sunday school class.

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