Keystone Christian Athletics


It is the goal of Keystone Christian Academy to have students that are prepared for the world.  We believe that this preparation not only happens in the hearts and minds in the classroom but also on the court or field. It is well understood that there are things that can be taught and learned on the court and field that cannot be learned as easily in a classroom.  We strive to have each one of our students to learn to enjoy physical activity, to lead properly, the essentialness of teamwork, to win properly, and in some cases to lose properly.  The physical education program and sports program are synonymous in the Academy.  While the Elementary have PE weekly to learn new skills, exercise, prepare for field day and more, the 6th-12th grades are required to participate in the organized sports program.   It is our goal at Keystone Christian Academy, by using the sports program, to better equip students for whatever the Lord may have for them in the future.

Athletics Gallery